The Verve - No Knock On My Door

No Knock On My DoorThe Verve5:11

Текст песни The Verve - No Knock On My Door

She knew my feelings were tangled and frayed,
She took me into a windblown alleyway,
She showed me what a boy should see,
I'll thank her till the day that I die. we go...
No knock on my door.
Baby , Till you see what living has done to me.
And I'm sure that life means more than this.

I took her to a room and I showed her myself,
She made feel proud and respectful,
There's nothing that this girl won't do for me,
For that I've gotta thank her , I mean it. we go...
A face in the crowd,
Jump up then jump down,
Can you see through me?

Sure,I've been here before,
No knock on my door,
No love , in the car. *
Please be my style.
Sure,I've seen it before,
No knock on my door,
Love in the car can be painful I know.*
Cry , I've cried every night.
I need to hold you Child,
Oh , But can you see me?
Knocking down your door.
Sure , There's times I have crawled,
And there is times I have dreamed,
Oh , but it seems that , must you need my love?
And I never seem to put it out , my love.
And I'm shaking,
I'm shaking,
and I'm shaking.

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