Third Eye Blind - Gorgeous

Текст песни Third Eye Blind - Gorgeous

I am made of a hard skin
So I don't know how so much
Pain still gets in
Stars between, you and me, my friend
A stone within, skips across the sea and smokes a child

So I go down to the sea
Where I will breath the air yeah-e-yeah
Take back your piece of me
I let it bleed out

Outrage, from within
My bones break
But when they mend
The stone returns again

So I go down to the sea
Where I will breath air
Take back your piece of me
I breath, breath yeah-e-yeah

Wounds from inside
Blown open wide
Open wide
Then I breathe
Breath, yeah-a-yeah

Wounds from inside
They are blown open
There's a sound of the phone
Not ringing
It echoes in my home

See all my friends in a crowd of you
Tell me why I'm so god-damn alone
And I felt I could do anything that's why
I make you see for me
Say it's not fair but across the sea
The stone takes a chunk of chance from me.

I can't wait for a long time
Step to me, take a step back boy
Take a chunk of chance again

Just let me go down to the sea
Where I will breath, breath yeah-e-yeah
Take back you're piece of me
I let it bleed, bleed yeah-e-yeah
Wounds down inside
They are blown open wide, open wide.

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