Thomas Dolby - Neon Sisters

Neon SistersThomas Dolby4:52

Текст песни Thomas Dolby - Neon Sisters

(This song is for a friend, because I never had a chance to tell him)

Neon, we were the neon sisters
Standing in the cold rain
Waiting for a home game
Neon, the neon sisters
Up and down the M1
95 and then some

Midnight, for the neon sisters
And London was a bombsight
Frozen in the moonlight
And honey for the neon sisters
Honey came in all shapes
Pinafore and a snowflake
And you borrow from dream-mongers
And then you live to be a hundred
And you share the spoils you plunder
Until the day you wake up hungering for neon

Then where were the neon sisters?
Reeling from a cowpunch
Looking for a free lunch

Anywhere the wind blows
The club for heroes
Blew me into Hollywood
Blew you to skid row

But I should have been there with you
The night you died
I think a part of me died with you
But in my heart
Where could I find it to forgive you?
Until the night
You went and stuck a dirty needle in your vein

Of all the fires
That ever thawed a cooling planet
Yours burned bright
With no chemical fan to it
So tell me why
If there's a good and there's an evil
On one of those nights
Did you stick a dirty needle in your vein?

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