Thrice - Unquestioned Answers

Unquestioned AnswersThrice4:20

Текст песни Thrice - Unquestioned Answers

Your traps are all baited
your scales are all weighted
but not resisting you would surely drive me insane
so im caught and convicted,
my rights are restricted
the imbecile dynasty continues to reign

your apathy of thought
has lead you to believe
that things are what they're not
my friend you've been decieved
the easiest route rarely leads to the truth
i see the self approval glaze your eyes
you know you're right
no need to worry why
a thousand stones remain unturned
in the wake of your unquestioned answers
and truth covered lies

traditions some bear
idly without out a care

but are determined that they stand unchanged
and those who choose to rebel
just to raise up some hell
tell me what are you hoping to gain

i cant reason with you
i speak words you can't hear
social conditioning left you with deafened ears
so i take your face in hand
see that look in your eyes
that rigormortis stare,
that look that i despise
and so i turn from you
i walk these streets alone
alone i search for truth
ideal that you've disowned
and wait with fingers crossed
and pray you'll someday find
a way to see things though your own eyes

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