TLC - Be Somebody

Текст песни TLC - Be Somebody

Paula cole & t-boz

(appears on paula coles album "amen")

I want to be somebody

I want to make a difference

Little boy caught in a drive-by

Witnessed the killer who made his daddy die,

And cause he identified and signed the dotted line,

He could feel it in his stomach, he signed away his life

Little boy who once was the leader of his class

The little source of joy, always neatly dressed

Now would hang his head and be left crying at his desk,

Was found with his mother, lying in her lap

With two bullets in his chest


And, oh my god, what is this madness?

I will not let it kill my gladness

And, oh my god, what is this madness?

My joy inside will send this message


I want to be somebody

I want to make a difference,

For we all are children of the mother

I want to be somebody

I want to make a difference,

For we all are children of the father

Outspoken man, leading sisters and brothers,

Picked himself up from hustling, drugs and gutters

Doing time on the inside, he found a higher power

Now, back with a mission to help us help each other

Respected from bourgeoisie to homeless in the street

From universities, africa, the middle east

And through the threats of death he spoke truth and set men free

But the power of the truth made enemies of the weak

He was killed by his own people



Ignite this fire inside, this light that is the truth

Shake off the systems chains, no longer be their fool

In the face of brutality, show the other cheek

Trigger-happy policing will never kill our dignity



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