TLC - Crazy

Текст песни TLC - Crazy

(as performed on the 1999-2000 fanmail tour)

Ladies and gentlemen

Introducing crazy-sexy-cool


What is crazy

Something we find profound

One having flaws or cracks untied

Found mentally unbalanced deranged



You know they say theres a fine line

Between genius and insanity

Like the difference between

Fine english and profanity

Its like walking the tightrope between stormy and clear

Through the eyes of left eye

Here we go

Have no fear

Id like to introduce myself

My name is crazy

When I say "whats my name? "

Yall say "crazy!"


Whats my name


My claim to fame is


Left eye better known as


Cuz when Im on the throne im


Now tell me how ya feel


Who is ya keepin it real wit


Whats the name of this song


It goes on and on like


As I hit you with this first line

Get you with this nursery rhyme

Left e-y-e psycho in the mind

Gemini is my zodiac sign

Feel the beat get ya mind

Feel the track rewind

When you see me throw up the l three times

Yall got that

The l three times

Come on throw up the l three times

Let me know that ya know your signs

In numerology the number is 9

These bombshells comin more devine

Now feel the energy

Cuz now is the time for the crazy left eye to shine

But ya know sometimes

I just feel like

A flower in the jungle

It just kinda makes me wonder

How I keep from goin under

But then a light seems to pop into my head

Speaking of lights anybody got a light

Anybody got a house?

Just kiddin

Alright what we have here

Is a string

This string has been treated

With nitroglycerine

Do you guys have my light ready

Alright yall ready


Comin back with verse two

Its the angelic being

Some call me left eye

Others call me crazy


But no fool

Twenty-five million sold

And thats the truth

I thank you you you and you

Just keep buyin baby

I keep rhymin baby

And tlc will keep climbin

Tlc will keep climbin

A visionary emcee in my own little world

Arsonist yes its me Ill burn up your curl

Take that get me back on the left hand side

Youre feelin crazy lets rock

But sometimes

I just get this wild hair up my ass

Squigets hand me my balls

Not those sweaty stinking balls

My juggling balls


To accomodate this new geometry

A rhyme thats desired

A world premeire in the history of time is required

The crooks wanted yesterday

Wanna blaze the new way

For you and I and the things we have to say

So the new you to you Ill showcase a few

Events with mania that makes no sense

See Im a diamond in the rough

Beautiful but tough

Quick to call your bluff

Think youve had enough

Open up your mind

Look what others have dared

Let your light shine

With a little savoir faire

Im out all night

Ill check the tunes and then its you

Ima keep rhymin

For my fans and my crew

But sometimes

I feel a little ebony

And then ivory

So I must expose

The beethoven inside of me

Move over buddy


Give it up for left eye...

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