TLC - Freedom

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Various artists & tlc

(appears on the panther soundtrack)

Now this is time for free your mind and your soul

Yo our official story has never been told

Ladies you got to demand what you want

And what we want is respect, right

Yo listen up on the track here

Cuz youll also have to deal with it right

Freedom every time for the sisters

Check this watch this

A here we go now

Listen if Im poompa moo

Ill be the ruler like slick rick

Get with this quick witted

Adidas-wearing chick

Poppa got a brand new bag

Momma got a brand new jag

A gold tag I aint no old hag

I represent not only in the kitchen

And the bedroom room

But also in the board room

So give me more room

Deny my opportunity

You in jeopardy

Yo-yo set me free

Dont hinder me

Let me be

My fightin for freedom

I got the heat in case you need em

Im a straight soldier

Aint nobody told you

Hold up on them lies

I know your games and your plans

Do whatever you can to oppress demand

But when its time to drop the bomb

Bring the funk and its on

You say you never met a sister so strong

Youre wrong now how can we be free

It takes you and it takes me

To blend together in harmony

And peace and love and all of the above

Sisters coming together representing one love

No disrespect but we gotta get it together

No matter whats the weather

Sisters gotta stick together

If sisters be stronger

Dont let em steer you wrong

Hold on cuz sisters got it going on



Lets free your mind and your soul

Dont let no guys go and take control

Because youre young and a you play the role

And our official story has never been told

Whoever said these are the things that you can do

And the things you aint supposed to

So am I further when I think Im getting closer

Thats when I tend to think of rosa how was it

Took a seat to make a stand

But now in standing weve gotten more demanding

They never thought in planning

That a wish for us to sit would be a dose of

This fucking rollercoaster

Whether tradition or religion

Why you question my decision

Why you spend up all your time trying to

Get into my mind

Why everybody and they mama

Gots to add to all my drama mad drama

Hell if ima keep my dominating feministic hell

Creating crazysexycool black ass

In the palms of your player haters stands

My only chance of being free is to fly within me

And its illegal to kill a fucking eagle

A bird is never more important than my people

I guess we didnt need him so I took away his freedom


My spiritual awareness leads me to believe

That you doubt in the sisters

That come with the peace weve been together

Since God created all of thee

African daughters celebration is in order

Pop the cork and give the champagne to the stork

That brought the lyte to my momma in new york

African I come again and again

You kick me down I get back up

Im coming back in multiples of ten

You know where I come from

Slung from the belly of the beast

Used to speak african tongue

So I showed her next one bolder

Slung the devil over my shoulder

Im getting over cuz Im bolder than the next

Im enlightened cuz I speak the real truth from the text

Whos next to flex with this s-i-s-t-e-r

The sun the moon the crest and the star

Wanna see how open you are


Come and take a walk with me

Closer walk with thee

See what only I can see

Nobody knows the trouble Ive seen

So its back to the womb of everlasting life

And truth let the heaven of a

Sister embrace you and praise them other gods

Come into the light let it shine blackness is fine

The blackness of your skin

The blackness of your mind

I am who I am and thats who I be

And I dont give a damn if your eyes cant see

If you cant see what I can see

That youre blind baby bop

Im a woman whos black so back up back up

Cuz its on ima tell you strong whats wrong

With the world that were living on

It aint who you know it aint what you drive

Its about how you feel about yourself

On the inside when your self-esteem is low

And they call you a ho then they think yous a ho

But that aint what the lord God made you to be

I need you to see youre black and youre free




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