TLC - I Need That *

Текст песни TLC - I Need That *

* enhanced CD song

[Virtual Vic-E]
This is a special song just for our fans on the Internet
Sometimes you need that...

Ha, TLC's back boy
Again and again, Woo

Ooh, ayi yi yi yi (I, I, hah hah)
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ayi yi yi yi
Ayi yi yi yi yi

You and me
Trading fantasies
Lying on the beach
Ooh baby
I need you next to me
Cause I'm steadily craving all the things
That you gave to me, ho

1- Don't you wanna know the dreams that I go through
Picturin' the things I want to show you
Tellin' me sweet things
I want to hold you close to me (close to me)
I really don't care who knows
I wanna break you off
Give it to you like I'm supposed to
Baby I, I can't take this no more
I want you boy

2 - Take me, cause I want and I need that
Squeeze me, baby you know I like that
Tease me, I got to have you on me
I need that

Take me, cause I want and I need that

Squeeze me, baby you know I like that
Tease me, I got to have you on me
I need that

I fantasize on how to be
Your favorite lady
Ooh, ooh baby
I wanna feel your energy
Just flowin' through me
Creatin' memories
Of how I know it could be, oh

Repeat 1

Repeat 2
Repeat 2

[Left Eye]
Yo, I keep it blazin', it's so amazin'
The occasion that I am raisin'
Mind, body, invasion
So who you savin' all that love for
Open up your mind explore, we'll make it hard core
You can be the candy man
I'll be your candy store
Give you just a little more than what you bargained for
And if you ask me for some guidance
It's not a minus
I'll break it down to a science, kitchen appliance
To what extent can you measure the true value of my 100 percent
When I'm unpassionate to you, who thinks dollars and cents?
I must confess I Need That
Don't wake me up if I'm dreamin'
Because I'll believe in that

Repeat 2
Repeat 2

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