TLC - Kick Your Game

Kick Your GameTLC4:14

Текст песни TLC - Kick Your Game

I've been watching

Come on baby let me kick a little with you
Baby, baby let me kick a little game with you
(repeat again)

I've been watching you watching me
And I know you want it
Come on let me kick a little game with you

Laying against the wall checkin' out the scenery
All I see is everybody trying to get with me
So I continue to play it crazysexycool
Lost all composure when I laid my eyes on you

1 - You just wanna know if you can kick come game
Come with something more clever than just your name
See it's like this I wanna take you home
But you gotta show me that your game is on

2 - I've been watching you watching me
And I know you want it
But it depends on how you kick your game

Repeat 2

Come on let me kick a little game to you

I've been waiting for a dose of your personality
See I'm in the mood and if all goes right
Baby you will be, you will be going home with me tonight

Miss Left Eye
All I wanna do is kiss your hand
Let you know I'm not just another fan I am the man
And I don't give a damn about who you know
I got a 48-track studio back at the crib
So drop by you know where I live
I see you all the time but on another note
Would you like to dance?
Nah, I'm about to go and uh hang my coat

Repeat 2

Lisa Lopez
It's been a month
I called you twice...You called me once
Baby come with me you'd be mine
So we can make love on the 50 yard line
You for me, me for you
There's nothing in this world you know we couldn't do
Yeah but who was that girl all on your back...

I'm just a nigga that followed you to the coat rack

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

Come on let me kick a little game with you
Baby, baby let me kick a little game to you

There's one and now for an Interlude
And tommarow I'll be back 4 more!

Yo (yeah)
I wanna talk to the fellas for a minute
I want ya'll all to know
The fly is kinda hard to get with in '94 a period
She's crazysexycool
(crazy crazy sexy sexy cool cool)
And let ya'll know what the be
She's kinda like me
When ya'll like girl there's a nice sense of humor
That can kick it, make ya laugh
Then on the other side in the bed room
With that thing on you know what I'm sayin'? (huh)
But uh when it's time to kick it with the fellas
She could roll get her stroll on
You know what I mean? (No doubt no doubt)
Yeah so that be like me and Chilli, and Left Eye (crazy crazy)
Yeah (sexy sexy) crazysexycool (cool cool)
Are you dead (rock on rock on)
Oh, gosh you too! (high-five high-five)
(ooh) (ehha ehha)
Yeah yeah TLC TLC crazy crazy sexy sexy cool cool
Ehhe ehhe rock along rock along

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