TLC - No Tighter Wish

Текст песни TLC - No Tighter Wish

Tangi & left eye

(appears on the kazaam soundtrack)

It was november on that cloudy day as I remember

Ten months into his life for a clock began that night

A strife shes on the panickin tip

Get to the hospital quick

Jumped out the car fore it hit

She grabbed the baby and slipped to the ground

Saved the day thought everything was ok

To find him covered in blood

This is the story of love


Let me tell you what I know

Know I love you miss you so

Aint no tighter wish in this world

Than to have you again

Dreaming you are here with me

Look the same from seein you last

Aint no tighter wish in this world

Than to have you again

Theres an empty space in my heart

When things break down its all because

Lonely days without you I have to figure out

Now wha Im gonna do

Dont mean to cry all the time

I know youre safe and sound

I dont think I could ever be satisfied again


Whatever happened that day

That we lost baby jose

You gained a strength that no man

In this world could take away

And so I kicks this one for you

No tighter wish is true

Its not a day goes by that I dont think

Of little precious baby boo

And cuz this moment is yours

I shed my tears through the years till no more

Behind these closed doors

And you can count on me

From now till forever

We be them birds of a feather

Flyin together through the stormy weather

It dont begin til it ends

Sing it again

And again, and again, and again, and again


When people say to me (ay-o tangi)

I have a surprise for you

The first thing that comes in my mind (uh huh)

Is someones bout to bring me you

Yo check it

I know sometimes you ask why

But dont cry just keep your head up high

Cuz in them heavenly skies (you know Im tryin)

Awaits the sun yes the one

One to come with your eyes

Tangis eyes (Im tryin)

And no he holds no remorse (Im tryin)

Just ask the source hell amend like I said

It dont begin til it ends

So sing it again

And again, and again, and again

And again, and again, and again



Aint no tighter wish in this world

Than to have you (baby)


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