TLC - Nobody Do It Better Than Us

Текст песни TLC - Nobody Do It Better Than Us

Lil kim featuring t-boz

(appears on the promo for "notorious k.i.m." by lil kim)


This is it this is the one

Thats what Im talkin about right here

Yo puff I dont think they ready for this one

They aint ready

You ready?

No doubt

Yea me too

Lets do it

If gettin money is a crime then I confess

It aint about money I could care less

I used to be a b now Im a c breast

I get em hard you handle the rest

My music like heartburn burn your chest

Like a nigga stick the axe inside your backs

You be like "what the fuck was that shit!"

Gimme some more I love my fans

Gotta make em dance

Would I ever make a whack joint

Not a chance

Show my male friends call me m&ms

Cuz my pussy melt in your mouth and not in your hands

Just a bad girl always rockin dimes

With the see-whos-stockin skaters with the lizzys

Purpose with the deadbeats

Usually spited by my goldilocks

While first movin flocks Im movin drops

Cop the ferrari when Im roomin the range

Two of the same it aint a thang pocket the change

Now Im just doin my thing enjoyin the fame

Why not aint no other bitches hot in the game


Nobody do it better than us

Nobody do it better than us

Nobody do it better than us

Nobody do it better than us

Nobody do it better than us

Nobody do it better than us

Lil kim yeah everybody knows me

In a class by myself never where the hos be

I just avoid where all my foes be

Cuz God damn muthafuckas is nosey

Wanna know what Im wearing

What Im drivin what Im doin

Where I hang out at who the fuck Im screwin

Damn I move way out to the boondocks

So I can have a little bit of privacy

You bought a tiny ass condo

Way across the water with a telescope

So you can spy on me

You clowns belong in the circus

Steady tryin to hurt us

Tell me whats the purpose

They say Im prejudice

The only presidents that I fuck with

Is the ones thats dead

Like the big heads

Never stingy with my benjis

Got enough dough to buy the west indies

Invest in fendis own laurendis

Start my own doll like mark & mindys

Free all my niggas from the penitentiary

Yea keep puttin out records till the turn of the century


You got a 5 and I got a 6

Back it up

Whats wrong with this picture nigga

Pack it up

I need a 6 figga nigga (uh huh)

Yours is big but mines is bigga

Cuz the benjis is what its all about

Do my ladies know what Im talkin about

If my shoes cost more than your car

Ha dont expect to get far

You the kinda nigga that like to plot

Call your friends tell em that you hit the jackpot

I keep razors in my bras

For all you womanizers

Thats how much I despise its up

I dont get it I aint wit it

Cant see how other woman did it

Niggas screamin gimme

Cant get a penny

Yea I got plenty

But you aint got any?

Now picture me takin my hard earned money

Throwin it away by spendin it on a dummy

All he gon do is spend it on another honey

I say let the nigga stay bummy

I dont need a nigga I jerks it out

Take it old school and smurf it out

Give me a b and Ill merk it out

Niggas know qb gon work it out!




As we proceed to give you what you need

In 2000 baby

And we rock on and on

All hail the queen

All hail the king

Big forever and we wont stop



Lil ceasar

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