TLC - Over Me

Over MeTLC4:17

Текст песни TLC - Over Me

What are we gonna do Tron?
We're gonna make 'em dance!

Now I gave you a chance
But you couldn't do right
When I asked you for the truth
All you do is lie
And I'm like
Why the hell do I stay around?
When I know how you get down
Check it out

It's 2 in the morning (uh huh)
You just came in
And I ask you where you've been
You say out with your friends
I wanna believe you
But I can't stay with you (yeah)
For one more day hey hey

When you had me
You didn't want me
Now I'm out the door
I'm happy
I'm so glad that we're not together
Cuz you're so sick
And I'm much better
Gave my world
I can't understand it
Now I'm gone and you can't handle it
I've been givin' you the cold shoulder
Why can't you accept it's over

I do what I want to
When I want to
You gotta get over me
But why do you still want me
When I don't want you
You gotta get over me
All in my face
Up in business
You gotta get over me
I'm free to do my own thing
So no more visits
You gotta get over me

Oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh)
Oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh)

I was the best that you had

And you let me slip
And now you want me back
But the shoe don't fit
And don't you
Worry about who I'm with
And just stay out my shhh...
Matter fact where's the keys to your crib
Cuz you're checkin' out
Take the clothes for your son
And get out my house
I'm so fed up
And I've had enough of the
Games you play
So I'm givin' up



Oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh)
Oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh)

I done sold 30 mill (uh huh)
Dated the men you wanted
When it got too convenient
I just gave it up
I don't need the stress (uh uh)
I don't need the pain (uh uh)
I do need the checks (uh huh)
But don't need the games (uh uh)
You lie how could you and I
Be the same
When the house burnt down
I took the blame (ha ha)
When the money got funny
I took it to court
When most of ya'll chicks
Wouldn't have even fought it



Yeah get over me
Uh huh get over
Yeah yeah get over me
Uh huh get over me
Yeah get over me
Uh huh get over me
Yeah yeah get over me
Uh huh get over me

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