TLC - What It Aint

Текст песни TLC - What It Aint

Goodie mob & tlc

Appears on the album "world party"

Now t-l-c will challenge goodie mob

To a game of ghetto laser tag

When they say "what it is"

You scream "what it aint"

1999 (yeah)

Tlc, the m-o-b

Goodie mob

The synergy of ghetto sounds

For the y-2-g

What you wanna do wit it

What it is and what it aint (what)

Either you bring it (we gon bring it)

Or you cant

Sometimes it gets kinda messy (sometimes)

Out there

But we get by (what you wanna do wit it)

One day at a time

I still go eat

At waffle house

After 112

When I go out

Where do you hang

Or do you slang

Or wear a chain

Or platinum rings

I still maintain

My ghetto side i

Keep my pride

Get on my ride

20 inch rims

I sport a brim

Hang with my girls

Go to the mall

Around the world

And keep your change

The finest things

Will still remain so



Dont even look from across the room

You dont know enough about this world to

Ever get it on with me

Or hang out where I do


Dont even look from across the floor

You dont have rhyme enough for no tour

To come upon a girl like me

And thats not a possibility

Shes a built plastic girl

Im a big boss man

I like old model cars and big sedans

You like two doors

Funding their clothes and rolls

I sit on the porch

Sip some and pose

I like the 9

When youre humpin hot hos

I do sweets while you preferred the lows

Tonight Im choose cuz ya already chose

Its grown folk business and Ill run the floor


Cuz you aint ghetto enuff for me

And you aint hot enuff for me

And you aint fly enuff for me

And youre too tight with your money

Cuz you aint ghetto enuff for me

And you aint hot enuff for me

And you aint fly enuff for me

And youre too tight with your money

Shit my baby is still ghetto like hot fries

I come from lovin niggas

And give 20/20

With his bloodshot eyes

Got turned into gold

Went from two os to thirty two lows

Which is enough to buy a rolls

Aint but nobody knows

Stay in my place

Keep my diamonds out of your face

You wanna be with this player

Got to play at my pace

Im slum but I can still cum

Over there where youre from

If you want some bullshit you better buy you some


Shorty where your booty (shorty)

Shorty where your gold teeth

Shorty where your long nails

Shorty where your fake hair

Shorty got the attitude

All up in the news

To represent the 90s girl

You the oldies too

I got your back you got the front

Its time we pull it off in the woods

With the bump on them dubs aint no scrubs

Dont conceal Im a ghetto millionaire

Can you see me gettin it clear

Ima keep on servin here like Im supposed to baby



Dont be suffocatin my pockets

While Im recessitatin these topics

Like bring your gs where your loot

Youre lookin real dumb when you get the boot

What it is my road to me

Come from some of the hardest of streets

Me custom navigate to the club

With some of the hardest of beats

What it aint what you sleepin with all the shit that Ive been through

Cuz ima keep doin all the things that I gots to do

Damn it Ill put your ass to work

Comb your nappy head till it hurts

Where those saints stop

These are the ropes

Take your wealth up the street

Or you might hurt your throat

You know youre ghetto

When you dont show up in court

For not payin your child support

Or you too bullshit for me

You act like youre too good to eat

At churchs, popeyes, and hartz

I shop at walters bright creek

In the mall where its steep and deep

I hang out in bank head

You prefer buckhead

Your favorite color is hot pink

I love that thing



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