Tom Jones - The Young New Mexican Pupeteer

Текст песни Tom Jones - The Young New Mexican Pupeteer

In a town near Albuquerque
lived a most concerned young boy.
He said
lately I have noticed
folks don't live with peace and joy.
With frowns and worries in their faces
they're lost and don't know where to go.
He said I'll get the people straightened
by putting on a puppet show.

The young New Mexican puppeteer
he saw the people all lived in fear.
He thought that maybe they listen to
a puppet telling them what to do.
And now he got some string and he got some wood
he did some carving and he was good
and folks came running so they could hear
the young New Mexican puppeteer.

First he carved out young Abe Lincoln

abe will teach 'em civil rights.
Then a king named Martin Luther
so they'd recall his peaceful fight.
Old Mark Twain his wit and wisdom
will surely show them life is fun.
But he smiled with satisfaction
when the Prince of Peace was done.

The young New Mexican puppeteer...

Now his puppet show were clever
and he made the people laugh
when he got across the message
walk along love's open path.
He lived in his own puppet theatre
decked out with spotlights yellow and red.
And then they wrote him up in all the papers
and this is what the story said.

The young New Mexican puppeteer...

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