Toni Braxton - Long Way Home

Long Way HomeToni Braxton4:32

Текст песни Toni Braxton - Long Way Home

Ooh yea,mm mm mm, Lately I've been missin the little look in your eyes,
that lets me know that everything will be okay tell me whats changed.
I find it hard to hold on to the butterflies that used to be inside.
You don't have to say a word it's written all over your face.

(So before), So before the night is through I want some time with you,
here's what we're gonna do,mm yea.

Let's take the long way home, so we can be alone,
and talk about what's goin on, pull on over to the side
all we have is time (some time) so tell me what's on your mind,
let's take the long way home, I can see that somethings wrong,
boy you gotta let me know, while there's no one else around
(no one else around) we can work it out, ooh yea, Lets take the long way home.

I know it's messed up but I know boy that we can get it together,
it might be hard to say when we're havin doubts tryin to work it out,
I know it seems easier to pull away, you see I want you to know that
I will stay right here cuz we deserve another try, so let's just enjoy the ride.



Take a left right here on heartbreak avenue, it's where I first met you boy.
You said you wanna take a spin that's how it all began so we can get
back to lovin again.

[2: x2]

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