Tori Amos - A sorta fairtyle

Текст песни Tori Amos - A sorta fairtyle

On my way up north
Up on the ventura
I pulled back the hood
And I was talking to you
And I knew then it would be
A life long thing
But I didn't know that we
We could break a silver lining

And I'm so sad
Like a good book
I can't put this day back
A sorta fairytale
With you
A sorta fairytale
With you

Things you said that day
Up on the 101
The girl had come undone
I tried to downplay it
With a bet about us
You said that
You'd take it
As long as I could
I could not erase it


And I ride along side
And I rode along side
You then
And I rode along side
Till you lost me there
In the open road
And I rode along side
Till the honey spread
Itself so thin
For me to break your bread
For me to take your word
I had to steal it


I could pick back up
Whenever I feel

Down New Mexico way
Something about
The open road
I knew that he was
Looking for some Indian blood and
Find a little in you find a little
In me we may be
On this road but
We're just
In this country you know
So we go along and we said
We'd fake it
Feel better with
Oliver stone
Till I
Almost smacked him -
Seemed right that night and
I don't know what
Takes hold
Out there in the
Desert cold
These guys think they must
Try and just get over on us


And I was ridin' by
Ridin' along side
For a while till you lost me
And I was ridin' by
Ridin' along till you lost me
Till you lost
Me in
The rear
You lost me
I said

Way up north I took my day
All in all was a pretty nice
Day and I put the hood
Right back where
You could taste heaven

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