Tori Amos - Amber Waves

Текст песни Tori Amos - Amber Waves

Well he lit you up

Like amber waves in his movie show

He fixed you up real good

Till I dont know you anymore

From ballet class to a lap dance

Straight to video

And the pool side news

Was that he would be

Launching you


Into every young mans

Bedroom - you gave it up

On dvd and magazine-

You gave it up

A private rite of passage

You gave it up

To every boys sweet dream

With their paper cuts

You said hes got a

Healing machine

It glows in the dark

Glows in the dark:

You say theres not a lot

Of me

Left anymore-

Just leave it alone.

But if youre buy, and you have

The time, tell the northern

Lights to keep shining - lately it seems like theyre drowning

He cold light you up

And summon every swan

Or the lakesie

Off to cabo san lucas

For some optical stimulus

Then you started to guess

Ther was someone else

Though his flint glass

Seeing all of you

Immersed in his sepia


So I went by -

Cause I had the time,

And told the northern lights

To keep shining

They told me to tell you -

Theyre waving

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