TQ - Dirty

Текст песни TQ - Dirty

[Intro](Baby talking)

["Dirty" in background]

(Tssssssssss, off the top whoady)
(Fa my dawgs, ya unda'stand?)
Talkin bout, baaaaabyy,
(What it be like)
(Got ta love dis shit playboy)
(Ya unda'stand, and these hoes definatly got ta jock dey shit)
(My nigga won't come down bottom 'n its all gravy)
(Ya know, got ta respect where u from, lil' L.A. whoady)
(Y'all like ta ride, but down bottom, we love ta survive)
(Ain't no thang ta me)
(Ain't no way u can come down bottom, and don't make green whoady)

[Verse 1]

Lately, I been thinkin' bout love,
Hasn't often happen to me, (Fa sho' playa)
The only thing I always think of,
Stays inside of me,
Go on y'all, get out the kitchen,
Because my bliss cookin',
Me 'n Ms. Daisy kissin',
While ain't nobody lookin',
Cook out at my uncles house,
Whole neighborhood goin' be there,
And its the fourth of July so you know it's on at the pier,
IiiiiIIIIiii love them county girls,
With they big ole butts,
Can't get my hopes up,
'Cause she prob'ly my cousin,
Sometimes when I get real homely,
And a nigga feels all alone,
Put down my micraphone,
Time to goooo......

["Dirty!" in background]

Home, where, cotton grows,
And them gangstas rool,
On them white-wall Vogues,
And my grandpa Russel on them old dirt roads,
Pick up my stones,
Damn I wanna go home,

[Verse 2]

I won't forget where I done came from, (Better not boy)
Before I even knew I was me,

Saw all the flicks of me and my moms,
Playin' with them moths in the tree,
And yes I do remember,
All of them family reunions,
Grandmama had twenty-fo' kids,
And that's the damn sho' truth,
Even when I moved to Cali',
Had to go back every summer,
Grandaddy got so excited,
You'd think Santa Clause was commin',
Gettin' down in the middle of the road,
Mini V had a party that night,
Me 'n Pink infront of Uncle G's house,
Drinkin' beer gettin' high as a kite,
Even when I got, bigga',
WESTSIDE fa' life, nigga,
Where ever I go,
I take the dirty south with me,

[Chorus x2]

[Outro] (Baby talking) {TQ singing}
["Dirty" in background]

This one right here,
(What about it?)
{When I go down there}
Goes out to tha dirty south,
Where y'all came from,
Home of the struggle baby,
(Don't fuck with me nigga, you know what we all about)
{And ya know what I'm talkin' bout}
(Ya unda'stand)
For my grandaddy,
I love you,
Rest In Peace,
{Lately I been thinkin' bout love}
{Hasn't often happened to me}
{The only thing I always think of}
{Stays inside of me}

[Chorus 'till fade]
(Nigga, I got some bling bling fo' ya)
('n some ching ching fo' ya)
(I got a brand new Bentley fo' ya)
(Y'all need ta come down here)
('N shed some love with us)
(You can marry the money whoady)
(I'll jock yo' style playboy)

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