TQ - G. H. E. T. T. O.

Текст песни TQ - G. H. E. T. T. O.



This is how you start one

Where you started from

On a mission to check

No doubt, got that

I need a couple of minutes to bring the thought back

Got that

I never let another mothafucka

Tell me what to sang about

Especially when my only intention

Is to tell you what Im thinkin now

Sang a song to tell you about hustlin

Another one to tell you bout the lord

My duty is to give em something funky

Thats the only thing I do it for

1 - and I cant tell you bout shit I dont know shit about

Go on, holla, scream it loud

The only thing Im all about

2 - I got that g-h-e-t-t-o

Take all of my niggas everywhere I go

In the green range rover, or the lex to go

With my iceburgs rollin the flow

My people are g-h-e-t-t-o

And we dont give a fuck if everybody know

Cuz Im [na na na] baby thats for sure

Take the bullshit back to the store

I got the g-h-e-t-t-o

Do it for the figgas, magazines and videos

If you wanna find another nigga

This one do it for the soul

Always used to dream of gettin bigger

Only for my people

Thats why Im always checkin fake niggas

On forgettin where they came from

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Made me believe in the hustle

Told me to get my money

Weed gon be my muscle

Well here we go now

In my neighborhood, eastside compton california

My homies all like to spend the night under lights

Streamin dice and fight

So this nigga just happen to write about it

Make a point to spit flames at the names who disrespect the game

I was a down ass youngster and Im still the same

And I can see right through you niggas

Before the fame and tv, you was a real nigga just like me

On my block, I aint never seen a nigga wear high heeled shoes

I aint never seen a nigga dance with no groom

I aint never seen a nigga get his hair all bleached

And if he did, hed get his ass beat for bein a punk nigga

Repeat 2 to fade

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