TQ - I Get Around

Текст песни TQ - I Get Around

Written by t. quaites, b. evans & t. anderson

Last week in atlanta

I met her at the freaknik

In a black truck

With a short haircut

& a gang of her homies

And she was on me cuz she said she liked cali men

So that translated to grits and cabbage early in the morning

She used to scream tq Ill do anything that you want me to

Just come stay with me.

Girl thats somethin that I cant do

It aint nothin wrong with you

Dont take it personal

Let me explain to you


As for me

I just wanna fuck around tonight

But then I gotta leave

Have to be the only one to work your body right

Didnt you know I was a g? (dont ya get mad at me)

Because I never spend the night (so give me yo keys)

Cant you see

I aint settlin down

No I aint settlin down

Cuz I get around

Why you lookin so surprised?

Was you thinkin different?

Aint got no problem with firin up the candlelight

But you gon have to finish em

Cuz I aint got time for valentine presents

I make sure Im always outta town that day

And if I dont return your message

Dont go gettin mad, Ill get around to it one day


It aint no need to tell you no lies

I dont want no new girlfriends

No no no

Everytime I think about

Do a whole lot better without

Somebody sweatin me

I cant take this sweatin g

You know you can come to my room

Whenever Im in town

(ooh yeah)

Dont give a fuck about

Anything you do

When I aint around

I had to take some time to let you know exactly what Im about

Cuz Ill be back next sunday

(Ill be back sunday)

And Im gon wanna dig you out


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