TQ - One Day

Текст песни TQ - One Day

Written by t. quaites & w. griffin

The game what you make of

It is what you can take from it


Whatever your hustling is

Get it on my nigger

Even when its wrong my nigger

You heard

I heard a story

About 23 years old

And I heard it from somebody

That I used to know

Spendin days lonely

With no place to go

But to the corner

For a little more love

Im talkin bout a youngster

That didnt understand

All the shit to becoming a man

Just wondered who right

Control his own life

Yes its true u gotta

Crawl before u walk

But you werent supposed to crawl again

So u see it aint right

If I dont get mine


One day

If I cant get no scril

At home gotta get going

We dont bit no

Gotta stay long

Gotta stay strong

Be my own dough

Bring it back home

Trow my chance away

Cos we all gonna bald one day (2x)

Sittin with my homies

On a 120street

Drinkin on 40

When I should have been home

And everybody told me

That the game dont last long

Leave it alone

Before your long gone

But they was talkin to a youngster

With a plan to role

And a bit before your 20 years old

Guess yall wonder

At my videos

And remember that I told you so

Aint gonna tell you shit done came from

Cos I got to live my life 4 me

Even if I didnt do it like u said

I still got paid


(rap by lazy bone)


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