TQ - Summertime

Текст песни TQ - Summertime

Damn I think I gotta a hangover,

Too much mo the nite before,

Mail lady at my front door

With a big booty and a cheque for me

Why in the hell is it so damn hot?

And its only 11clock

Lord help me cause I need relief!

Please send down some honeyz and some brew for me!


And I might just have to return to the spot to free my mind

Friday nite on the westside always remind me of summertime

(its summer time)

And everybody on the westside is getting real hig off the la,la

(in the streets)

And we looking for the ta ta cause they pop out when it gets hot


Kiss your rainy days good bye,just blue skies and sunshine

(come chill with me)

Everything will be all right on the best side in the summer time

Here we come and we deep its the honeyz in the benzos

And we know how we doing by the size on the rims on em

Makes me wanna fly away to the palm trees,bomb deed brighter days

Sunshione beemin on diamonds shined up

You want dimes we got the finest lined up

Come on so we can mess your mind up,put your tai up

Spend summer time with us


(rap by tq)

Put your hands up! everybody just stand up

I got some honeys in front of me screaming Im the first man up

So Im about to raise up,so I can blaze up and waste the day up

One day Im paid up,ill buy a big crib so I can lay up

If you didnt know Im on my way up

And Ill bet you will arrive in the summer time!

(chorus - 3x)

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