TQ - The One

Текст песни TQ - The One

Ohh, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah

Gonna sing you this song

Yeah yeah, baby

Ive never been that kind of nigga

To write a love song, oh no

At least a real one

(but this is the one)

I cant believe it but I think I found my baby

Cuz boy she really got me goin

And I dont understand, this wasnt in the plan

I think somebody sent me the one

1 - I think about the things I shouldnt have done

I never shoulda said that I wouldnt find one

That would be everything I need, love me for me

So actually Im feelin kinda dumb

Cuz you are the one

Knocked out on the plane, Im thinkin bout you

Couple nights on the stage, I was singing bout you

Guess I shoulda never said anything

Cuz Im eatin my words everytime I wake up in my bed

Im alone, and Im thinkin bout you

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Always put my thoughts on paper

But I aint got no paper

So ima put it on this dream of mine

To spend the rest of my life with you

I run my fingers through that long ass hair you got

We get to kissin, everybody start starin at us

But I just act like everybody aint there

I really dont care

Cuz you are the one

Aint nobody ever made me feel like this

Make a nigga blow or nothin crazy

What would I do without it?

You even got me singin about it

You around me, only way to be

The times the game done had me down

The only thing that pulled me out

Repeat 1

Can I see you sittin in the studio?

Makes me wanna hurry and finish

So we can go explore each other

Cuz I wonder

What I can make you do before I even get there

Just wanna nibble on them earrings that you wear

All I can think about is takin you home

So Im about to end my song

Repeat 1 to fade

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