Trey Lorenz - Nice And Slow

Текст песни Trey Lorenz - Nice And Slow

It's Sunday
Early on the a.m. side
And you've been
On my mind
Then you called me
Suggestin' that we take a drive
To a place where lovers hide

Baby I'm ready to go
(More than you know)
I'm hangin' up gotta paint my toes
(Do my hair and pack some clothes)
I can't wait to hold you close
(As we lay low)
Now don't you keep me waiting too long
Hurry up now baby

Let's get away
And spend the day
We'll take it slow
Nice and slow
I don't wanna move too fast
Gotta make it last
So I'm takin' it slow
Nice and slow

It's Tuesday
And I ain't really thinkin' 'bout home

Or checkin' messages
On my cell phone
But with you love
I wanna keep it goin' strong
To a different time and zone

Well are you ready to go?
More than you know
I'll change the color on my toes
Let's take you shoppin'
And buy you new clothes
Thank you darlin' you're so kind
You're so welcome anytime
'cause you're the lady in my life
(Hurry up sweet baby)



Mmm mmm, we're takin' it slow
Mmm mmm, we'll take it slow
Mmm mmm, we're takin' it slow
Don't wanna rush, don't wanna rush
Gotta take it slow


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