Turbonegro - Hot & Filthy

Текст песни Turbonegro - Hot & Filthy

Once upon a time, when her legs were short and the night was long
you were a dancer and I was a prancer when you had to tell them all

We had black-light tans, tiny assed number ones
hanging out with the dead in the graveyard till the break of dawn

Yeah yeah hot n filthy, in the city
Much too much when your 4 foot 5 and cramped up really high

You had your rollerblades I had my bmx
Young enough to stretch, old enough to flex
but we still had to pay the cheques
We were young and loose, nothing to it but black n bruised
such a hungry child, but you got too wild, hanging in the sexual blues

Yeah yeah hot n filthy, yeah yeah, in the city
much too much when yr 4 foot 5 and cramped up really high

We were.. running in the moonlight
licking our skin, underneath the neon lights

But all good things must come to an end
we took it way around the bend, we seeked and destroyed
and burst like a fistful of hemorrhoids

I lit up just like a star, and you looked just like your mum
back in the day when she was good looking, she loving the swastika

Yeah yeah hot n filthy, yeah yeah young n pretty
much too much when yr 4 foot 5 and your cramped up really..
Yeah yeah hot n filthy, yeah yeah in the city
much too much it's a hot date on the boulevard tonight


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