Unwritten Law - Unwritten Christmas

Текст песни Unwritten Law - Unwritten Christmas

Remember when
I was 10
Looking forward to Christmas again
I enjoyed
Like the family Christmas tree and the toys
And I'd wake up early morning
While mom and dad still snored in bed
So I'd grab down the steps
Couldn't wait to see what Santa had left, now

[Chorus 1]
I could not wait
for Christmas day
Wait for Christmas day, now

Dont wanna wait
Gettin late
March upstairs to give my parents a shake
Get out of bed, sleepy head
Christmas day doesnt start until you are awake
As we gathered around the tree
I opened everything they gave to me
So I stayed and I played

Why can't it be Christmas everyday, now?

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
But I (but I)
will have to wait for Christmas
I will have to wait for Christmas
I will always wait for Christmas day, now

Wake up christmas morning and guess what i saw
I saw Unwritten Law and Sum 41 rockin' raw
With a message for the kids saying they should be nice
Not naughty, 'cause santa knows karati
He's on the cross vader
Hip-hop arena
Got Wade on the beats like AC Slater
If you're good like a wallet
Or bad like The Biz
Only Santa knows the score come Chsitmas Eve

[Chorus 2]
[Chorus 1]

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