Usher - Sins Of My Father

Sins Of My FatherUsher3:56

Текст песни Usher - Sins Of My Father

[Produced by Remi and Rico Love]

My sons, keep them
Please forgive me!

[Verse 1]
Woah now, I think this woman went and put a hex on me
Woah now, why'd I let her go and put that sex on me
Woah now, I probably shouldn't of watched that girl undress for me
Oh, the scent of her perfume in the air
Got it feeling different in here, yeah

She took my breath away
On to some fancy ship
Into another place
Such an expensive trip
But she didn’t make me pay for it with my money

Oh, it’s the sins of my father
He left a debt to his son
To pay the girl who’s a mother

Collector won't let me run, no
But she didn’t make me pay for it with my money
I paid for the sins of my father

[Verse 2]
Oh, now she’s speaking in a tongue that sounds new to me
Oh, now momma told me what this could do to me
Oh now, I wouldn’t fall for something like this usually
No, no, tell me how could I ever prepare
If my papa never was there?



(Father) Hurt me, please me yeah
(Father) No, I don’t deserve the debt that came with my birth
(Father) No, oh, why have I been pretending this is somethin' that that man come up with?
I’m praying I reverse this curse


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