Vanessa Paradis - One

Текст песни Vanessa Paradis - One

is it getting better
or do you feel the same
will it make it easier on you now
youve got someone to blame
you said one love
one life
when its one need
in the night
one love we get to share it
it leaves you baby if you dont care for it
did i disappoint you
or leave a bad taste in your mouth
you act like you never had love
and you want me to go without
well its too late
to drag the past out
into the light
we're one but we're not the same
we get to carry each other
carry each other
have you come here for forgivness
have you come to raise the dead
have you come here to play jesus
to the lepors in your head
did i ask too much
more than a lot

you gave me nothing now
its all i got
we're one but we're not the same
well we hurt each other and we're doin it again
you said love is a temple
love the higher law
love is a temple
love the higher law
you ask me to enter
but then you make me crawl
and i cant be holdin on
to what youve got
when all youve got is hurt
one love
one blood
one life
youve got to do what you should
one life with each other
one life but we're not the same
we get to carry each other
carry each other

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