Vanilla Ice - Get Witit

Текст песни Vanilla Ice - Get Witit

(performed by vanilla ice)

Disaster, systems break when I quake

Make no mistake, the crowd stays awake when im

Shakin and bakin and Im takin all mcs

Smilin on the mic cause Im gonna make big gees

Pow! holy cow! its like a bang or a boom

Mcs see me comin and theyre clearin the room

Ouuta my path cause theyre scared of the result

Dont wanna battle cause to me thats an insult

Man, I wouldnt even lower myself

I got your record and put it on the shelf

I didnt play it, I used it as a frisbee

Your girl saw me doin it and she kissed me

A good sport cause the balls in my court

And in the long run Im takin no shorts

Slayin competition till the parties done

You want a non stop jam

Heres the right one


Gotta get it going on

Get wit it

Bust that beat

Yes, Im blessed and I must confess

Put me to the test and youll say Im the best

I dont joke, I dont even jest

Every line in my rhyme makes me better than the rest

Ill live high on the hog, on the fat of the land

Goddamn, Ill be so hot Ill have to walk with a fan

On the brink of success, champagne & caviar

In limos, just like a superstar

Business. leave your number at my office.

Not for sale, but the fans all bought this

Money pourin in. just like a faucet left on

Cause my rhymes are that strong-last long

Just like the coppertop battery

You think Im dope, come on, dont flatter me

cause I been hearin that stuff for years

Respect from my peers and Im changin the gears

Of that hip-hop engine, not to mention

Retire at 21 and get a pension

Gonna bust it out and your welcome to come

You wanna non stop jam heres the right one


Heres another rhyme to break the ice

You couldnt purschase my talent at any price

Dont chase a roni cause I know that I can get em

Im not the type so I dont even sweat em

Ill love a girl and then dis the same one

Cause you know that theres more

Where that came from

Yo, the one I want just walked through the threshold

So all you other girls are out in the cold for now

Shes the only one for me

Who knows if we were meant to be

Together forever and thats a real long time

And you can tell Im in the house by my dope rhyme

Man, Im glad she came to her senses

And that she put down all her defenses

And finally gave her heart & soul

To the man behind the mic control

Im here with her now Im ready for fun

You want a non stop jam, heres the right one


Written by vanilla ice, gail "sky" king, princesa

Produced by vanilla ice and gail "sky" king

Mixed by: gail "sky" king and david sussman

Mix engineer: david sussman

Recording engineer: kieran walsh

Keyboards and programming: joey moskowitz

Guitars: kevin grant

Vocals: dian sorel

Vocal arrangement: will downing

Recorded at d & d recording, new york

And ameraycan studios, los angeles

Mixed at post logic, los angeles

And summa music group, los angeles

Published by emi blackwood music inc./qpm music/

Ice baby music (bmi)/sky king music (ascap)

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