Vanilla Ice - Phunky Rhymes

Текст песни Vanilla Ice - Phunky Rhymes

[Verse 1]
Draw my rhymes like a bow
Shoot 'em out like an arrow
Swooping' on suckers like an eagle not a sparrow
I'm walkin' a wide path
I never ever walk it narrow
Steppin' on stage with funky hip hop apparel
I got the funky rhymes
Sometimes they leave ya scared bro
It's like lookin' down a shotgun barrel
Pump up the sounds to the max
As if ya dare yo, My groove is dope
An' I hope that you're prepared so
Give it up Smooth cuz the ICE is got it sewed up
The bum rush is on, an' Vanilla's gonna blow up
Dead in your grill - Loc
I'm kickin' it real fly - Hops
this is how it's done homies
An' ya know I got funky rhymes

[Verse 2]
I got the rhymes that's pumpin'

Keeps the jeeps bumpin'
Sounds that's thumpin'
Women wanna jump in
I ride down many streets
Rockin' all the big beats
My album's on the top
With a bullet for many weeks
This is how it's done - see
Doin' it for my fans G
Doin' it for Dallas an' everybody in Miami
Thought I was down with Luke
No but here's the scoop
You make all your loot
But ya can't even pay your group
Well man that's straight wacked!
In fact, I hate that
Watch yourself cuz ya might get paid back
All this funky dope stuff
I'm kickin' it real fly - Hops
This is how it's done homies
An' ya know I got funky rhymes

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