Vanilla Ice - Wrath

Текст песни Vanilla Ice - Wrath

[Verse 1]
Here it is, A dope hit
Iceman comin' with the dope hit
Cause a few suckers need their throats slit
Jealous cause I went multi-platinum
Now I'm gonna blast them in the head
Till they're dead with my magnum lyrics
Might be simplistic, but I'm no gimp
On the strength cause I know how to pimp it
Now I got grip and suckers keep sinkin in my quicksand
Vanilla ice vocal hit man
Got the number 3 in my crosses sittin' on the rooftoop
[Gunshot sounds], And the fools drop
Pop goes the weasel was a bag fa-flop-flop
The brothers didn't like your record
Cause it wasn't hip-hop hop
But this ain't a dis, Cause you sold gold
Still I made a killin
Cause it ain't even a tenth of eleven million
Givin' my rhyme spice, while my dj's on the slice
Vanilla ice is back on the map, with the wrath of
The iceman

Ice, ice, man...the wrath of the ice man

[Verse 2]
I'm the ice, The iceman but I'm no superhero
So baby just cut that zero
I'm gettin tired of those punks gettin jealous
Trying to say that I might be another elvis
Forget that I'm vanilla, the funky rhyme killa

The dope song deala, ready to peel a cap of a wack mc
There's no wack in me, and big dollars is all I'm stackin, G
So give a boost to the volume
I got the funky-funky sounds to make the cars boom
So step back and give me room, As I consume the others
The iceman is bringin' doom to the suckers
Yes, for the lovers of hip-hop
And for my foes they get popped
You shouldn't step to the man
When I'm swingin like Tyson
Yo, punk this is the wrath of the iceman

[Verse 3]
Now I'm on everybody's hit list, so there gonna get dissed
Now there on my hit list
It's like that cause I'm the mizzak I carry my striszap
To bust a kizap, don't try to jizak me, cuz my life is
Like hectic, When I made a record, Now I'm gettin
Hounded every second, see I'm like the one
They love to hate, so I made this album much harder
To set the stupid critics straight
And I'm still droppin bombs, You know the rap world
A battle field in vietnam, And I'm creepin like a sniper
Takin' out the suckers with an album that is
Funkier and hyper, the type of street stuff
I like listenin to, funky bass and breaks to make your
Speakers shake, earthquake breaks the richter scale
Check out the aftermath
Yo, this the wrath of the iceman

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