Vertical Horizon - Save Me From Myself

Save Me From MyselfVertical Horizon4:20

Текст песни Vertical Horizon - Save Me From Myself

The clouds are rolling in
Who will watch them
The waves are strong
The boat is gone
I hope they're swimming

Little boy lost in the woods
Where's the clearing
The town is out
They're calling loud
But he's not hearing
Seems to me I'm always miles away
Looking for my own face

Save me from myself
I can't relate
We're mouth to mouth and still I suffocate
There's nothing left inside for me to break
Save me from myself

The bullet in the yard
Slowly rusting

The bottle's cracked
The kids come back
And I'm just looking
The wine is on the floor
The candles flicker
Your eyes fall
And I'm appalled
It's all just cinder
Seems to me we're always miles apart
Trying to find another place to start


The sailors never left
They knew the weather
When they were found
They were having drinks together
They found the little boy
In the grocery
Happy endings all around
And still they haunt me

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