Wallflowers - Everybody Out of The Water

Текст песни Wallflowers - Everybody Out of The Water

On your mark

Get set lets go

You got to move on

Before she explodes

Look out the window

Lookout below

Back away from the glass

There she blows

The citys been leveled

Hills are in flames

Streets cracked open

And theyre pushin up clay

Temperatures dropped

Sky is grey

And it aint even over

Here comes drivin rain

It aint me

That you feel

Theres something moving

Around in here

Thats blood

Thats tears

This aint a warning...

Everybody out of the water

Up on dry land

Take what you can

Cause you wont be here again

Everybody out of the water

Now Im treadin high water

To get back to you

Been looking for a low spot

Or something to cling to

Theres too many bodies

Theres not enough room

God help me

And God help you

They say nobody panic

Help is on its way

Were already on it

Youve got to be brave

If you can fix it now

Then dont make us wait

Man there aint nobody coming

Back away from the gates

That bell

That you hear

Thats hell

Ringing in your ears

I fear

That my dear

This aint a warning


Now Im looking up

And the shit keeps coming

Like shooting ducks

In a barrel of honey

Got to learn how to pray

Love wont be enough

Admit it now

Your information sucks

As I slip

Down in

I think of us someplace

High on a mountain

Smoke clears

Fog lifts

Little by little

We rebuild again

Till then


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