Wallflowers - If You Never Got Sick

Текст песни Wallflowers - If You Never Got Sick

That aint a parachute

That aint a rip cord

That aint a body of water

Were headed for

Theres so little time left

So much to be done

Even you are gonna need someone

That aint a trick of light

Or the morning haze

Coming in from the lake

Getting into your eyes

Its the invisible breath

Of a storm on the rise

That I feel whenever you arrive

Now I may not be quick

Maybe never was

But tell me what the hell it is

That youve become

Baby if you never got sick

I wouldnt get to hold you

Baby if you never got sick

I would never get to hold you

This aint a righteous love

Even a good one

These aint the kinds of return

That I was thinking of

Im unbearable now

You aint seen nothing yet

Youll se me dead

Before you see me quit

That aint a jug of wine

That youve been drinking from

Now lay back now baby

Let your fever come

I will bury you in

Just to dig you out

I havent a use

For being proud


I followed you deep into a barren field

There was someone you were running from

When I needed to sleep

Thats when you disappeared

But I did get the impossible done

Now I always knew

There was God inside you

I just never did learn which one


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