Wallflowers - The Empire In My Mind

The Empire In My MindWallflowers3:31

Текст песни Wallflowers - The Empire In My Mind

Wallflowers "The empire in mind"
There is trouble in my mind
There is dark
There is dark and there is light
Lay your hand over my eyes
As I look deep
Through valleys deep and wide
Across the border line
For the empire in my mind

You are the reason I don't sleep
You are a light
That's breaking through the leaves
You know how hard I try
To believe I have something good inside
Over barricades I climb
For the empire in my mind

I have known love somewhere in time
I've been lifted up
I've looked honour in your eyes
I have no reason, I have no rhyme

I cannot deny
There's darkness that's inside
I'm guilty by design
And now I realise
The temptation's made me blind
To the empire in my mind

There is no order
There is chaos and there is crime
There is no one home tonight
In the empire in my mind

There is no distance that I don't see
I do have a will, no limit to my reach
I wish I would, I wish I might
See a line tonight separating wrong from right
Cause I'm only born to try
And maybe that's the reason why
I'm afraid someday I'll find
There is no empire in my mind

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