Wallflowers - Too Late to Quit

Текст песни Wallflowers - Too Late to Quit

Takes all my might

To find a hole that feels right

To bury myself

In a deep sleep at night

I hear a voice

Coming from the hillside

Says Ill show you the way

I will show you the light

But Im tired

Im tired

Im much too tired

Im tired

Hes says I know where you were headed

And youre half way there

But youve got to be careful

Youve got to beware

Some people want to hurt you

Some people dont care

But Im never gonna give you

Any more than you can bare


Theres nothing left here to rise above

Were not talking bout that kind of love

Youve got people here counting on you

Nows a good time

To learn how to pull through

Sometimes a good idea

Just isnt enough

Youve got to do the work

Now get your ass up

There isnt really such a thing as bad luck

Yeah, but once I shot an arrow

In the sky and it stuck


Youve got to keep movin

Youve got to keep pushin

Youre never gonna get back

Anymore than youre givin

Life is for the living

Youve got to be willin

A song aint a song

Until someone starts singin


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