Wallflowers - Up from Under

Текст песни Wallflowers - Up from Under

Well Im down here in the well

Looking back up at the hill

Well I thank heavens I fell

Must look more

Like myself

Now everyone is so kind

Everyone looks like

A long lost friend of mine

Im on top of the world again

When Im looking

Up from under babylon

I had a home in the fields

Earned my wage in the factories there

And I was raised by the mill

And I worked with my brothers there

I told my mother Id always write

I headed west for the coast

With the big city lights

Now mamma Im so sorry Ive forgotten

But now Im looking

Up from under babylon

Now tell me how far Ive been

And how deep was I in

Tell me how I conceived

The vanity to believe

That I would not be outnumbered

By the thumbs I have been under

Now stray dogs in the street

Learn how to beg, steal, borrow and cheat

And in the dead summer heat

I fell asleep with blood on my teeth

But those days before I met you girl

Were just ice cream falling down

On the shoes of my world

Im so happy that youre my friend

When were looking

Up from under babylon

When were looking

Up from under babylon

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