Wallflowers - When Youre on Top

Текст песни Wallflowers - When Youre on Top

I need a bed

That nobodys slept in

I need some air

Nobodys been breathing

I need a thought

That I can believe in

Is this fog

Or is the building really burning

I need you

Much more than ever

Im making new friends

But none of them matter

Maybe now

We dont fit together

But youve got your arms around

No one but strangers

I feel fine

With the sun in my eyes

The wind in my hair

When Im falling out of this sky

Im doing better than I thought I would

But nothings ever as good

As when youre on top

I want to wake up

And just start running

Into a ditch

Or straight up a mountain

I want to get

Where no one been gettin

Make it deeper than hell

Or make it higher than heaven

I need someone whose price hasnt been met

When everybodys disappearing

By the minute

There isnt anyone left

I havent meet yet

Well I remember

When they hadnt gotten to you yet


Half way up

And over this rainbow

I heard a shot

Fire up from a ghetto

As I drop

I didnt think youd follow

Just didnt know

The sky was this shallow

I need a garden

Where nothings forbidden

I need an apple

That no ones been eatin

I want to start again

Back at the beginnin

I had a vision

That this feeling maybe has an ending

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