Walls of Jericho - Plastic

PlasticWalls of Jericho3:16

Текст песни Walls of Jericho - Plastic

A damaged past
Is haunting me
Creeps in
Won't let me breathe
I can't quite grasp
Psychotic thoughts
(And the)
The troubles lie beneath

We won't back down
Its far too late
Paying the price of endless pain
Our love, our hate
Which one will you embrace

Now I can't pretend
To live this life
Of plastic happiness
This plastic happiness

Because one chance
Is all we get
To kill the questions
In our minds
Just one more chance
To turn around this life

Break through the structure
That we see
Reach true surroundings
That we seek
And force the path
We know is right

This won't conquer quietly
We won't back down
It's fat too late
Paying the price of endless pain
Our love, our hate.

Which one will you embrace

I'm so sad
To say I've watched this tragedy
Take everything away from me
I write these words
For my own survival
If you don't hear them
Then they mean nothing at all

I won't live like this
In plastic happiness
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