Walls of Jericho - Try.Fail.Repeat.

Try.Fail.Repeat.Walls of Jericho3:14

Текст песни Walls of Jericho - Try.Fail.Repeat.

It's time to take back your life
So what if we showed an unbuttoned smile
Could it break the lock to our trhoughts of insecurities
That we never speak

How about we love ourselves
Without underlying hatred
Respect for one another,
No battle scars told
That means friends
Are not come and go
No overwhelming, dramatic ending

Feelings we can acknowledge
And finally call our own

We will try, we will try, we will try, we will
It's time to start the change
What do you say
Our lives at stake

LyricsSo raise your glass up high

We're through with bitter alibis
Here's to new beginnings
That need no fixing first

Here's to a romantic life
Of bittersweet compromise
A lifetime full of endings
That smile at what were worth

Shout out how you feel,
Listen to yourself
Throw away pieces
Your unresolved crash course
Will depend on me,
Reckless with purpose
Work towards living a life
Worth living right

Here's to new beginnings
For what it's worth
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