Wham! - Bad Boys

Текст песни Wham! - Bad Boys

Dear Mummy
dear Daddy
you have plans for me

Oh yeah
I was your only son.
And long before this baby boy could count to three

You knew just what he would become.
Run on off to school
your child your man grows up a fool

Run on off to school.
When you tried to tell me what to do

I just shut my mouth and smiled at you
one thing that I know for sure
Bad boys
stick together never sad boys

Goods guys
they make rules for fools
so get wise.
Dear Mummy
dear Daddy
now I'm nineteen as you see

I'm handsome
tall and strong

So what the hell gives you the right to look at me as if to say:

what went wrong?
Where were you last night? You look as if you had a fight.
Where were you last night? Well
I think that you may just be right

But don't try keep me in tonight

'cause I'm big enough to break down the door
Bad boys
stick together never sad boys
. . .
Boys like your are bad through and through

Still girls like me always seem to be with you.
We can't help but worry
you're in such a hurry

Mixing with the wrong boys
playing with the wrong toys

Easy girls and late nights
cigarettes and love bites.
Why do you have to be so cruel? You're such a fool.

Bad boys
stick together never sad boys
. . .
Bad boys
stick together never sad boys

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