Wham! - Hearbeat

Текст песни Wham! - Hearbeat

Another summer

Another vacation is over...

A september morning,

With the sun and the smell of the clover...

Down by the gate

We sit and we watch all our friends go by...

And pretend we dont hear the bell,

That rings through the summer sky.

I was happy with the kiss that she gave me,

Its just that happy was all she made me...

Happy that was...

Until I saw you...


Heart beat, heart beat,

Why do you fail me now?

You hurt me...desert me,

In my darkest hour...

Heart beat, heart beat,

Why do you keep me here?

How could I help but admire her beauty?

Standing on the line between desire and duty...

Heart beat heart beat...

It will end in tears...

I need a lover,

But loves such a dangerous place to be...

Oh, if we were meant for each other,

Then why wont you answer me?

Dont keep me waiting,

You know that I long to be by your side...

We could even be together,


I was happy with the kiss that she gave me...

But now theres nothing on earth to save me...

Why should I care?

I cant have you....

Repeat chorus

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