White Stripes The - Hand Springs

Текст песни White Stripes The - Hand Springs

I took my girl to go bowling downtown at the red door
After and argument I started cause I thought she didn't like me anymore
I can't help it sometimes i feel pitiful
And of course she's so young and beautiful

I bought us two glasses of coke
Thats her favorite and I wanted to make up for earlier
But I dropped her glass and it broke
So I just gave my glass to her

She laughed and so did I in our lane
Then she went to the vending machine to buy a candy cane
But next to that was a boy I knew with a spring in his hand
Playing a country pinball machine called stand by your man
I saw him talk to her but I stayed in my lane and played steady
And was thinking of a day when I'd be too old to throw a ball this heavy

But I guess I'm young now so It's easier to knock 'em all down
Then I look and saw her say to him you're really hittin' that ball around
And he's lookin' at her the way i did when I first met her
I can see in his face white flowers, cups of coffee, and love letters.

I was sorry to interrupt their game but I went and did it anyway.
I dropped my red bowling ball through the glass of his machine
And I said are you quick enough to hit this ball Mr. Clean?
I was scared to lose her so I couldn't help being mean.

And that ended both our games
I said I was sorry but my girl left with him just the same
I thought how much I hate when love makes me act this way
I was bent over a broken pinball machine in a bowling alley And I threw it all away.
Isn't it all just a big game

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