Wu-Tang Clan - Above the clouds

Текст песни Wu-Tang Clan - Above the clouds

[Verse 1:Guru]
Myself lord and master
Shall bring disaster to evil factors
Demonic chapters shall be captured by kings
Through the storms of days after
And to the earth from the sun
Through triple darkness to blast ya
With a force that can't be compared
To any fire power
For its mind power shared
The brainwave causes vessels to circulate
Like constellations reflect at night
Off the lake
Word to the father and mother earth
Seeking everlasting life through this hell
For what its worth
Look listen and observe
And watch another sea cycle
Pullin my peeps to the curb
Heed the words
Its like ghetto style proverbs
The righteous man sacrifice
To get what they deserve
Cannot afford to be confined to a cell
Brainwaves swell
Turning a desert to a well
Experience the best teacher
Thoughts will spring like streetsweepers
Little daddy street preacher
Illustrious feature
Narrator you select
Accompanied by Deck plus the DJ you respect
Seven and a half combined
Over the frontline
The ten percenters
Promotin slander in the air time
Bear in mind
Jewels be the tools of the trade
Sharp blades heavenly praise
And dues are paid

Above the crowds above the clouds
Where the sounds are original
Infinite skills create miracles
Warrior spiritual
Above the clouds raining down
Holdin it down

[Verse 2:Inspectah Deck]

I leave scientists mentally scarred
Triple extra large
Wild like rock stars
Who smash guitars
Poison bars from the gods
Bust holes in your mirage
And catch a charge
Shake em down like the riot squad
Invade your zone
Ruined like ancient Rome
I span the universe and
Return to earth to claim my throne
The maker owner
Plus sole controller
Ayatollah rest in the sky
The clouds my sofa
Stand like colossus
Regardless to whom or what
Numerous attempts at my life
So who to trust
Who but us
To supply ya with the fire
The burning truth
150 absolute proof
On the mic like Moses
Smokin golden la
Survivor of the oldest tribe
Whose soldiers die
I know the five families
Who shed tears and more
But our hands are on the ammo
Cause the battles still on
Sound the horn
We come rumblin through the function
Precise laser beam technique
To touch something
When we die hard
They build a monument to honor us with
Humongous effect in the world
We couldve conquered it

Above the crowds above the clouds
Where the sounds are original
Infinite skills create miracles
Warrior spiritual
Above the clouds raining down
Holdin it down

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