Wu-Tang Clan - It's All About Me

Текст песни Wu-Tang Clan - It's All About Me

[Intro: RZA]
Me.. me

[Hook 4X: RZA]
(It's all about who?) It's all about me

Booga booga bang! Yo Enter the Wu-Tang Clan
Get a god damn, yes I am the man
And I'm gonna blow, make mad dough
Girls sweat me cuz I've got the flow
Not the one to front when it comes to a stunt
I be quotin books like brothers smoke blunts
And do what you got to do, hold your own
Don't try to pass me just Pass the Bone
I get slam just as the hit rams
See? A girl flipped hands cuz she wanted to jam
I told her, "Yo be on your very way
I'm not gonna be your's, I won't beg you to stay"
Hey, what's the hardest thing about it? Like De La Soul
Between me, myself and I, it's a small world
I have to figure out, what is life about
It's all about me!

[Hook 4X]

Here I come, here I come with the Wu-Tang drum
It ain't no fun if I don't get none
So I got mines, you better get your's
When it comes to Kim's, you better get your's
Ooh, kind of frisky, could this be it? Risky
I pull stings on you, like girls hit me
The incredible, talk unforgettable

Talk what I do, chew when I walk
On Pillsbury dough, I'm hittin like a ho
Forty-five, then I strike like lightnin bolts
In the sky, right for your eye
I chop off the head of the guy that despise
First to merk me meets the controversy
Who'll be the first MC to try and curse me?
Watch watch watch watch me knock him out
And tell him what it's about, it's all about me

[Hook 4X]

Master of the Wu-Tang, here I am again
About to ill again, kill 'em with my pen
Check 'em check 'em, watch me as I wreck 'em
Brothers jump up like a straw as I disect 'em
I was all wild when I fouled your whole style
The crowd gets wild in the Isle, then I bow
Gotta have it, see a mic, I grab it
Here's a fat ass, fast I gotta stab it
Hanky panky, the rap suckers thank me
So many brides, I end up with a blank G
See? I'm not the one to be played
Got a gun now I'm not afraid
Quick to put a savage in the grave
The behavior possessed by the nature
Population causes me to be a slayer
So I walk around takin devils out
And show 'em what it's about, me

[Hook to fade w/ variations]

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