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Текст песни Wyclef Jean - Hip Hop

Refugee public,
Akon, on and on
Can I go in for a minute
'cause there's no limit to the cash money hip hop
Get things unchanged but they stay the same,
I see molly as the new cocaine
I see them rappers with the big old chains,
Remind me of the sick regrets
And rock in with the microphone fin,
And Bobby Brown was the RnB king
Yeah, the... rapper wanna bang,
What happen to this, we were all in the same game,
Missy and Timbaland original dubstep,
And bin bought I had a few Sean to take that,
Met my daughter in seven I had to put her in check,
And let her know that here I ask more than medicine and alphabets.
She in Miami with her mami,
She like dad that he teach her how to dug it,
Things unchanged but they stay the same,
I'm bumping eyes in the ring now I'm memory lane
Tired and most death, PI bought them lectures
My first music video rock M I was the extra,
Run the... round rap, now runs in preacher,
And we all the poor write just teachers.
Crush groovin, body movin'
Brasil thuggy fresh Bismark kept me be boxin.

And can't fight the evil or warriors,
Your MC like you're not be easy, Queen Latifah's
Look pretty... and the visa,
And every feel I have the crash, so I'm pepper,
She so Lordy by mention, long live inside
Readin on a wolf game gang pack,
Things unchanged but they stay the same,
I see molly is the new cocaine,
Yeah I see the rappers... poppin' champagne,
And beasty boys that rip new band.
... cocaine, and Bobby Brown was the RnB king,
And we all wanted to be rustles and men
What happen to the day when we were all in the same game,
Yeah my young cousins, rock shit, keep tattoos, they say
What an attitude, I'm talking... , I'm talking nice cube,
I'm talking nice eat doctor Dre Snoop,

But how many kush conflicts, twsit conflict this way,
From back int he day and the...

They should have been the hip-hop dictionary
Written by E 40, read a man...
Dream daddy, you're sure how the lady...
Low rock with the Pitbull, Miami going crazy,
Bambi, pepsi, UG kay,
Now be listen to this and I'm feeling new way
And I miss outkast like people mister fugee,
As a bird man watching over New Orleans,
This scarface never seen a thug crush
Till they see this dark... ain't seeing hooks from this...

Things unchanged but they stay the same
I see molly is the new cocaine,
I see them rappers with the big old chain
LL Cool J,... yeah
Fat Joe, Big,... we all wanna... in this store magazine

Yeah,... I hear on... slang, I'm talking...
... remind me of them cope boy,
And Joey bad asses, uncle murder boys
And match the... talk to cool her
... fresh Prince... to suburbs,
In hip hop I'll never be the same
Since EMinem lost proof and... at the game,
... protect me, making good music,
But the tables ain't been the same since Sean... used it
And call em mister lover in the true love crew
'cause she stuck to her roots and let the DJ...
From Busta Jame, Meek Mills to tip to quick,
'cause you... and if we miss you, daddy do the remix,

Things unchanged but they stay the same
I see molly is the new cocaine,
I see them rappers with the big old chain
A new Jesus piece with Chris lighters name,
Biggy and parties the west coast kids,
Mary J Blige RNb queen,... DMX...
And we all int he same game,
We're all going

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