Yakuza - Meat Curtains

Meat CurtainsYakuza6:50

Текст песни Yakuza - Meat Curtains

fall from grace and deny yourself
I can see into your mind
way before any thoughts are conjured
deep within your psyche
I control your destiny
and I control your past
all of you're being
deep within your mind
I am you and you will be me

I can see your lies way before your mouth opens
laughing at your pride save your strenght
time to inflict my will upon

you rage deny yourself
lift you from your chaos

dream again of your love
lay down your arms and deny all passion
I can feel your pain, your soul
lay down your arms and
deny all feeling fills
with blood Blackened eyes crumble
lay down your arms and deny yourself

spread your wings climb to the sun give in lest all the chaos it's your date for the deconstruction the fade away begins
lest all the chaos all that you feel
all you want is fault of the mind
all of your cares all independent thought done away
less hope focus on my face it will give you strenght
denial all that you believe all that you've read all the past you think that you know is not real ripe for deconstruction the fade away begin false sense of production reconstruction of your mind disregard your petty beliefs but you know I am your god your king In room 101 we are here less hope focus on my face it will give you strenght denial
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