Yellowcard - Rough Draft

Текст песни Yellowcard - Rough Draft

like a saturday night i'll be gone
like a saturday night i'll be gone before you knew i was there
so you wrote it down, im supposed to care
even though its never there
sorry if im not prepared
is it hard to see the things you substitute
for me and all my thoughts of you
its eating me alive to leave you

(1)maybe its childish and maybe its wrong
but so is your blank stare in lieu of this song

(2)dont want to be, dont want to be wrong
your leaving me, your leaving me in lieu of this song

breathing in your skin tonight
quiet is my loudest cry
wouldn't want to wake the eyes that make me melt inside

and if its healthier to leave you be
may a sickness come and set me free
kill me while i still believe that you were meant for me

finding my own words, my own little stage
my own epic drama, my own scripted page
ill send you the rough draft, i'll seal it with tears
maybe you'll read it and i'll reapear
from the start it was shaky, and the characters rash
a nice setting for heartache where emotions come last
all i have deep inside, to overcome is desired
of friendly intentions and fairweathers smiles


like a saturday night i'll be gone
reapt x3
like a saturday night i'll be gone before you knew i was there

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