Yoko Ono - No Bed for Beatle John

Текст песни Yoko Ono - No Bed for Beatle John

No bed for beatle john

Beatle, john lennon,

Lost his hospital bed yesterday, to a patient

It happened at queen charlottes hospital, london

Where john was keeping vigil in the room

Where his girlfriend yoko ono,

Is being kept under observation

When he realised his bed was needed for an urgent case,

John sent out for a sleeping bag,

And last night

He was once more happily kipped down, alongside yoko,

In the sleeping bag.

Yoko, who expects a baby next february

Will remain in the hospital for another few days

A beatles spokesman said

"there is a good chance for the babys survival."

The beatles win battle of the nude lp

The beatles have won their fight to put

Out an lp record with a sleeve showing

John lennon and yoko ono in nude

Emi the worlds biggest recording company

Whose artists include the beatles

Refused to handle the lp called two virgins because of the sleeve.

So did the groups american outlet, capitol records

But the record with its controversial sleeve

Will be released in both countries next month

An official of the beatles apple company said last night

The sleeve has not yet been censored or altered in any way

Were pleased it has been distributed it may be that some record shops may still

Refuse to handle it.

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