Youth Ahead The - Simple Guy

Текст песни Youth Ahead The - Simple Guy

This is my simple song about my simple life
I wake up, I sigh, it's time another day another dime.
I'll guess I'll try to find a way to pass the time,
what do you want from me I guess I'm just a simple guy.
Morning comes, just like it does everyday.
I'm alive so I guess I really cant complain.
It's a beautiful day, but I'm stuck here again.
It's a simple dilemma for a simple man.
Come on, tell me that I'm not alone
Go on, I'll just sit here by the phone
waiting for your long awaited call.

Do you know what it's like to lead a life of guy
who isn't really who you think he is.
I'm happy in a sense, well I guess it all depends.
too much of a good thing can get your head stuck in a door
Listen up now, I'm gonna break it down.
Here comes the part where everyone's gonna sing along and bring it on!
I may be young and immature, I know, but I learned a lot today
that there is more to life and dreams come true
if you really want them to.
you gotta find out who you are.

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